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HOT SPOT: 8 Reasons To Love Papua New Guinea

HOT SPOT: 8 Reasons To Love Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the latest hot spot to visit and we can absolutely understand why! Until fairly recently, Papua New Guinea wasn’t your typical tourist stop, but with more and more people wanting to get off the beaten track and enjoy a little adventure on their holidays, Papua New Guinea is appealing to a wider group.

Here are eight reasons to love Papua New Guinea:

  • Papua New Guinea still remains largely untouched: Of course, there are the big towns and cities, but a large portion of Papua New Guinea is still undiscovered. The rainforests are so dense in parts that there are believed to be tribes still unknown to the Western world living in the more remote parts. It’s becoming more and more popular however, so now is the time to get in and see it before it all changes.

  • Dialect: For lovers of languages, Papua New Guinea is music to the ears with over 800 dialects spoken throughout the country.
  • Rainforests: dense rainforests with colourful birdlife, endemic wildlife and unique plantlife you won’t see anywhere else in the world – including the world’s only poisonous bird!

  • Culture: Papua New Guinea is rich in traditions, celebrations and customs, and they are very much alive in everyday life in Papua New Guinea.
  • Arts and crafts: Papua New Guinea is a fantastic place for intricately carved woodwork or other arts and crafts.
  • The history: Papua New Guinea is rich in war history from World War II. Hundreds of Australian soldiers lost their lives here or were wounded by Japanese soldiers in 1942. War memorials and cemetaries honour their memory, as well as the Kokoda Trail which treks through the dense rainforest where the soldiers fought.
  • The diving: Papua New Guinea has some incredible dive sites with the highest diversity of fish and coral in the world. Pacific pygmy seahorses, colourful nudibranchs, sunken World War II aircraft and submarines await your discovery!
  • Bragging rights! Not many people have actually been to Papua New Guinea so brag away!

While the locals are welcoming and friendly, it is essential to have a guide when visiting villages or navigating the rivers. You don’t want to do this on your own as you need to have permission to enter a village, and the river is home to crocodiles and other not so friendly creatures! We highly recommend small ship cruising to this area – all arrangements are taken care of and your onboard expert expedition team are on hand to advise you on correct protocol.

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