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There’s more to Alaska than meets the eye!

There’s more to Alaska than meets the eye!

When you think of Alaska, images of snow capped peaks, magnificent glaciers, bears fishing for salmon, whales and other wildlife usually spring to mind. Rightly so for this is an incredibly beautiful part of the world and you could spend weeks here exploring as each town and park offers something different.

But there’s more to Alaska than first meets the eye. We’ve got 10 fascinating facts for you that you may not know about Alaska!

• Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the United States combined.

• Alaska has more than 3,000 rivers, over 3 million lakes, over 100 volcanoes and 17 of America’s 20 highest peaks.

• More than half the world’s glaciers can be found in Alaska.

• Alaska also has the lowest population density of any of the United States with one person per square mile. To put that into perspective, if New York had the same population, a mere 16 people would live in Manhattan.

• Alaska is oly 50 miles from Russia.

• During the Klondike gold rush of 1897, potatoes were so highly valued for their vitamin C content, miners traded gold for them.

• 25% of oil produced in the US comes out of Alaska.

• The town of Barrow, just 800 miles south of the North Pole, doesn’t see the sun for 2 months over winter. In the summer, the sun doesn’t set for 3 months.

• While it’s legal to shoot bears in Alaska, it’s illegal to wake a sleeping bear in order to take a photograph.

• It’s also illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they are hunting moose

Alaska is a fabulous place to visit, especially by cruise ship when you can leave all the navigating to your crew and simply enjoy the ever-changing scenery, with different port stops each day. And whilst on board, you can lap up the luxury of excellent food and entertainment and enjoy the expertise of your onboard naturalists and biologists.

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