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The Ultimate Cruising Travel Team Reveal Their Favourite Cruising Destinations

The Ultimate Cruising Travel Team Reveal Their Favourite Cruising Destinations

Cruising is a personal thing – some like it hot, some like it cold. Some cruisers like nothing better than to relax on deck with a good book and lap up the sun. Others don a thick parka and head off to the ice to spot some polar bears.

Interestingly, we asked the Ultimate Cruising team which destinations they are most excited about right now and every answer was different! Here’s what they said:

Beverley – Croatia/Mediterranean

Beverley’s loving Croatia and the Mediterranean at the moment because it’s easy to do a cruise then explore so many amazing countries all in the same region. Italy, Greece, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany are all so close together.

Roger – Tahiti

Idyllic, exotic and remote. Roger loves that Tahiti is so relaxing but the beautiful landscapes mean it’s never boring. There’s a reason Tahiti consistently rates in the top honeymoon destinations and in the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Richard – The Spice Islands

Largely undiscovered regions, Richard says what he likes about The Spice Islands is the isolated villages of people who have no contact with the outside world. Beautiful nature and lands unaffected by construction, this is the unspoilt world of yesterday we so rarely get to see.

Saska – The Kimberley

The beautiful landscapes and waterfalls are what attracts Saska to this gorgeous part of Australia. She likens it to the kind of experience you could get in the Amazon, without having to travel very far.

Sandra – Antarctica

Having cruised numerous times to several destinations, Antarctica is ticking the box for Sandra. Why? It’s unlike any other place she’s been and the beauty of the continent and wildlife are quite simply extraordinary.

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