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Want To Cruise But Don't Have A Cabin Mate? We've Got The Answers

Want To Cruise But Don't Have A Cabin Mate? We've Got The Answers

More and more people are travelling solo. Whether it’s because of a growing separation/divorce rate, or whether solo people are becoming more independent and confident, we’re welcoming more solo travellers on board than ever before. The great news is that cruise companies are recognising the trend and offering more attractive deals for solo travellers so it’s not always such a hard hit to the pocket as it once was.

So if you’re thinking about travelling solo for the first time, we’ve put together a list of questions we frequently get asked by people travelling alone for the first time.

What kind of price surcharge will I have to pay?

It depends which cruiseline and which voyage you take. Many cruiselines are now offering reduced sole-use cabin surcharges so it pays to check the different companies. Once upon a time, you would be paying double the twin cost (so the full cabin cost). Nowadays, you can often find cruises offering limited specials where there is no single supplement, or a rate that is more than the twin, but not the full cabin price.

Some ships also offer a matching service where they will partner sole travellers with another sole traveller of the same sex, so you only pay the twin rate. This can work well if you’re very easy going (and don’t spend much time in the cabin) but before signing up for this, just check the cabin size and configuration. Sometimes the beds are pretty close together!

I’m a bit worried about not knowing anyone.

Cruising is great for solo travellers. Small ship cruising in particular makes getting to know other guests easy. Dining is easy as you can be seated at tables with other solo travellers and it’s a good way to meet other people. Guided excursions (usually included in small ship itineraries) also give you plenty of opportunity to talk with other guests and there’s plenty to talk about! We have lots of clients who have made lifelong friends onboard cruises and who actually book subsequent cruises together.

Ultimate Cruising has also introduced a programme in select destinations where we offer a cocktail party prior to your cruise where you can meet other guests prior to boarding. Check with our reservations team if we have one available on the cruise you are looking at.

When I arrive in my destination, how will I get to the port?

We take care of all this for you. Our packages include all your transfers so when you get off the plane, there will be a transfer company waiting to take you to either the port, or to your accommodation for the night. If you’re overnighting first, the transfer company will collect you the following morning and take you to the port. The same happens in reverse when you get off the ship. Easy!

What’s so good about travelling solo?

The freedom! It’s all your way! You choose what you want to do and when. You can decide which excursions you want to do (if any), what time you prefer to eat, which destination you want to visit … everything! It’s all whatever suits you.

I enjoy being on my own. What if I need some space while on my cruise?

Don’t worry – I think we all feel like this at some stage. The good thing about cruising is that there is usually plenty of space to find your own little nook or cranny where you can curl up with a book. The other option is, if budget allows, go for a cabin that has a balcony. Then you can have your own quiet space, but not miss out on that lovely fresh air.

My family are concerned about me travelling on my own. How do I put their minds at ease?

Our itineraries ensure that all the details are taken care of, so once they see that you’re not going to be searching for a taxi in an unknown town in the middle of the night, they may feel a bit more comfortable. We’re also working with well-known cruise companies who welcome a large number of solo guests every year so they are well versed in looking out for solo travellers. Showing them that you have thought it through, and have all bases covered from your transfers through to travel insurance, should put their minds at ease.

Is travelling solo safe?

While no travel is 100% safe, there’s no reason to think solo travel is any more unsafe than travelling with someone else. Providing you take due care and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home, you should be absolutely fine. As mentioned before, our itineraries include all travel, transfers and accommodation and with small ship cruising, most including on-shore excursions as well, so you’re in good hands throughout your journey.

What kind of people travel solo?

All kinds! People who want to travel somewhere their partners don’t, single people, newly separated people, people who have been divorced for years, people who have lost their partners, people who just prefer to travel by themselves … all ages, all types of personalities! There’s no one kind.

Should I do it?

Definitely! Give it a go. Solo travel isn’t for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try it. You might find you love it so much you’ll get addicted! Besides, you don’t want to miss out on a great experience just for fear of going it alone!


If you have other questions about solo travel, or would like to enquire about cruises with solo discounts, contact our reservations team here.