insights from the ultimate cruising team



Travelling solo can be a bit daunting for many people, especially women. There’s a huge world out there with so much to see, but it also harbours dangers that can put you off if you are single and travelling alone. Countries where the people speak a different language is also a little intimidating when you’re on your own as there’s no one to try and nut out the phrase with or figure out which train you should catch. Today we’ve got some pointers and tips that will hopefully put some fears to rest and show why cruising is such a great option for solo travellers:


Having your transfers pre-booked is a godsend when you arrive in a new country. We always offer this service so you don’t have to try to negotiate price or take a ride in what you hope is a bona fide taxi! At Ultimate Cruising, we take it one step further in that we pick you up from your house and take you to the international airport (if you live within 35 km) and we’ll bring you home again after you arrive back. One less thing to worry about!

Meeting other travellers

Cruising is just so good for solo travellers. Aside from having plenty of people to mix with, there are activities to participate in where you can meet other guests. You can dine with other passengers – usually a little word with the Maitre’D will have you sitting at a table where you feel comfortable, whether it’s with other solo travellers or a small or larger group. Just let them know what you prefer and they’re usually only too happy to help. Shore excursions, onboard lectures and public areas like lounges are a good way to meet other guests too.

Single Supplement

This is a big one that puts a lot of people off because it can make the price really jump up there. However, several cruise lines are now offering reduced rates for solo travellers, and some will offer “no single supplement” deals on selected voyages. Just do a bit of research. Better yet, let us do it for you!

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are a good way to meet other guests (if you want to, that is). They’re also perfect for discovering destinations on your own and enjoying your own company. The point is, with shore excursions you don’t have to try to figure out buses or timetables or how to get somewhere – it’s all done for you and you can just explore and enjoy!

The crew

If you’re travelling alone and there’s a problem, cruise staff are always on hand to help. Often, as a solo traveller, you’ll get taken under their wing …if you want to be of course!

We have a huge range of cruises to suit solo travellers – whether it’s a river cruise with no single supplement, a tropical island cruise where you can soak up the sun and enjoy your own company, or whether it’s a soft adventure or expedition cruise to destinations off-the-beaten-track. Give us a call to discuss the options.