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The Stately American Queen

The Stately American Queen

Made famous by the likes of Mark Twain with Huckleberry Finn, the magnificent Mississippi River weaves a fascinating story rich with history and resplendent with southern culture.  It tells tales of intrigue, of beautiful maidens, the complexity of the slavery era and the horrors of civil war.  At every twist and turn, there is a new story to be told.


And there’s nobody who tells it better than the American Queen Steamboat Company with their fleet of stately paddle wheelers.  Today we’re talking about their flagship paddle wheeler, the grand American Queen.

Gracious and ornate, the American Queen cruises the beautiful Antebellum South between Memphis and New Orleans, with a handful of voyages up to Alton and Red Wing.


The largest steamboat ever built, the American Queen is wider than European river vessels.  She is opulently adorned with classic details such as glistening, polished woodwork, antique furnishings, plush red carpets and beautiful artwork. 


There are formal and non-formal dining options, expansive deck areas perfect for enjoying the view and a range of staterooms to choose from.  You’ll also find the Grand Saloon, theatre, café, pool, fitness centre and an engine room viewing area.


Accommodations range from cosy inside staterooms right through to luxurious Suites with exclusive verandas so there is something for every budget.  Athough you don’t tend to spend a great deal of time in your room, we still recommend an outside stateroom with veranda if your budget allows.  There are open and exclusive veranda options.  If you have the open option, it’s a good chance to enjoy the view while meeting other people.  If you have the exclusive option, you can sit back and relax in your own or each other’s company.  There is something magical about watching a sunrise or sunset on the river!


Itineraries are usually around 9 days (with a few exceptions) and include meals, wine and beer with dinner, complimentary specialty coffees, soft drinks and hop-on-hop-off shore excursions in each port of call.


To find out more about cruising on the American Queen – or the other ships in the American Queen Steamboat Company fleet – speak to one of our Ultimate Cruising experts by requesting a call here.