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Aranui 2021 Season Bookings Now Open

Aranui 2021 Season Bookings Now Open

We’re excited to be taking bookings for the 2021 season for the Aranui 5 to French Polynesia’s remote Marquesas Islands. This cruise, aboard a working freighter, is our most popular voyage, perhaps because it’s a very unique cruising experience.

The Aranui 5 was custom made to sail these waters. It operates as both freighter as well as cruise ship which makes a very cool little combo. Guests travelling on the Aranui 5 enjoy all the usual cruise ship facilities such as bars, restaurant, on-board entertainment and shore excursions, but there’s the added element of the freight that adds an extra little twist.

Each time you dock, the crew swings into action to load and unload goods that supply these isolated communities. You’ll see everything from local produce to appliances, cars, building equipment and more. It’s this ship that connects the people to the outside world, enables them to trade and to enjoy goods and merchandise from off the island.

Watching the crew in action is fascinating. They seem to be part spiderman as they clamber up the docks and swing from wharf to ship, making it look deceptively simple. Once everything is either unloaded or loaded, the crew are back into cruise ship mode and you’ll see them on-board entertaining, giving talks on local customs or destinations or performing one of the many other jobs on board.

Cruising this part of Tahiti is very different to the more frequented islands. The landscape is more dramatic with craggy peaks and plunging valleys, the beaches are not dotted with tourists and you won’t see the big resorts with flash overwater bungalows here. It’s unspoilt, natural and incredibly beautiful.

The 2021 Aranui 5 schedule has now been released. One thing to note is that there are a limited number of Deluxe Staterooms with balconies and, of course, these are always very sought after so only those that book ahead will be assured of getting one.

In 2021, Aranui 5 is also offering three different cruises where they travel to destinations such as the Gambier Islands, Pitcairn Island or the Cook Islands on specific dates. These voyages do not include the freight element but focus solely on the cruise side of their operation. They’re a great option for those who have travelled on Aranui Cruises before and enjoyed the ambiance and culture of the cruise and would like to travel again but are not worried about seeing the freighter in action but would like to experience new destinations.

For more details, schedule, brochure or costings, you can click here or you can have a chat with one of our Ultimate Cruising experts by requesting a call.