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Incredible Culture Just A Hop, Skip and Jump Away!

Incredible Culture Just A Hop, Skip and Jump Away!

Wanting to cruise and experience new destinations but not wanting to travel too far from home?  A long flight halfway around the world not really doing it for you?  There are plenty of cruises closer to home to choose from that won’t have you sitting in a plane seat for hours on end.  Our exclusive Darwin to Auckland package in December 2020, for example.


This unique package involves just the initial flights to get you to Darwin, then it’s plain sailing from there, up to Papua New Guinea and all the way back to Auckland.  Well, not plain sailing exactly, more likely luxury sailing! 


With 27 days exploring Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, this is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, discover ancient traditions and visit local villages.  Mountainous, rugged landscape, a volcano, idyllic beaches, historic settlements, traditional village and beautiful waterfalls await your discovery!  You’ll catch your breath when calling in at picture-perfect beaches and bays, teeming with marine life and colourful coral.


This cruise is all about discovery…of destinations, of cruising and of luxury!  The ship, Le Bellot, has just 92 staterooms, meaning there are enough people to meet new friends but it definitely cannot be called crowded.  A professional expedition team sails with you, guiding the shore excursions and imparting valuable knowledge and expertise.  They’ll be able to tell you about the flora and fauna and share their knowledge on history, geology and climatology.  This isn’t just a cruise… it’s an experience.


It also means that you’ll spend Christmas Day being waited on hand and foot while you enjoy the sunshine and snorkelling at Kouare Island.  Then, with a final stop in the Bay of Islands, you’ll arrive back in Auckland without having to brave any airports during the holiday season! 


For more information on this exclusive cruise package, see our website or request a callfrom one of our Ultimate Cruising experts. Images: PONANT - Margane Monneret & Laure Patricot