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Destination Bora Bora

Destination Bora Bora

It’s a favourite destination for dream honeymoons and romantic getaways. Bora Bora is the face of Tahiti with picture-perfect lagoons, teeming with vibrant marine life and impossibly white sand beaches. Islands are adorned with exotic resorts, complete with overwater bungalows with glass coffee tables and bedside tables so you can watch the fish all day.

Here time moves at a slow and leisurely pace, where you can swim and snorkel to your hearts content. And watching over all her lucky visitors, are Mt Pahia and Mt Otemanu. The hallmark of Bora Bora photography, these two peaks stand tall and charismatic in the centre of the island, providing a dramatic, Jurassic-like vista as she plunges to the palm trees and beaches below.

Actually, Bora Bora isn’t just one island. It’s a collection of motus surrounded by a reef. The airport itself is located on a small motu and was once the only airport in French Polynesia, having been constructed during WWII as a US military base who left at the cessation of the war.

You’d be forgiven for never wanting to leave. The slow, languid pace of life accompanied by a view you can never get sick of is a temptation that’s hard to ignore. In fact, famed actor Marlon Brando so loved Bora Bora he bought his own island here.

For travellers who have been to Tahiti before, stayed in Moorea and loved it, Bora Bora is taking Tahiti to that next level… like enjoying a stateroom on a luxury ship, then trying out the penthouse, if you will.

It’s not surprising then that several cruise ships call on Bora Bora during their Tahiti cruises. Charter yachts, boutique ships like Paul Gauguin, luxury yachts like Wind Spirit, luxury small ships and larger liners all call into Bora Bora to treat their guests to the ultimate Tahiti experience.

There is a drawback, however. Bora Bora is not cheap. Accommodation prices range from small B&B’s costing $200-$300 per night through to the lavish overwater bungalows that will set you back a few thousand each night. Dining is also pretty up there in price so you need to tuck away a tidy little sum for a few days in paradise.

This is why cruising is such a good option in Bora Bora. You get to experience the magic, perhaps spend a day on a private motu, eat til your heart’s content and swim and snorkel at a much more cost-effective price. The value in cruising is particularly highlighted in destinations like Bora Bora.

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