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Pitcairn & Gambier Islands with Aranui 5

Pitcairn & Gambier Islands with Aranui 5

Not many people can say they have ticked Pitcairn Island off their bucket travel list.  It’s not like there are flights going every day, or every week even… considering there is no air strip on Pitcairn Island and the only way to visit is by ship!  Aside from the cargo ship that visits on a rotational basis throughout the year, the only way to visit Pitcairn Island is by cruise ship.


Some cruise lines call into Pitcairn Island en-route between French Polynesia and South America, often combining Pitcairn with a stop at Easter Island.  Twice a year, however, Aranui  5 makes a special voyage to Pitcairn Island, heading out from Papeete , via the Tuamotu Islands to Mangareva in the Gambier Islands.  From there, it’s across to Pitcairn Island, returning back to Papeete with two more stops on the way home.   

It’s an amazing adventure, visiting parts of the world not many see.  You’ll wonder why more people don’t know about these incredibly beautiful, remote islands where life moves at a much slower pace.  On Pitcairn Island, there are no cars or traffic lights – quad bikes are the go-to in this part of the world!  You’ll see why this island was the perfect spot for Fletcher Christian and friends to hide away from the rest of the world and you’ll discover a unique community living a remote and isolated lifestyle today.  There really isn’t any place else like it in the world!

Although Aranui 5 usually combines their freight operation with passenger services when visiting The Marquesas Islands, their voyage to Pitcairn Island is solely focused on their passengers.  There is with no freight carried on these voyages. 

With less than 100 cabins, and just two voyages to Pitcairn each year, these cruises sell out very quickly.  For more information, itinerary details and pricing, click here or request an information pack here.