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Sailing Solo

By the end of 2019, 30 million people worldwide will have taken a cruise in some shape or form. There will also be an additional 21 ships, all launched in 2019, with a further 20 due to launch in 2020.

With cruising becoming more and more popular, cruise lines are having to become more innovative and include more value than ever. These days, ships have more high-tech facilities, often have more inclusions and offer more services such as well-being centres, expert expedition crews or specialty dining.

It also means cruise lines are vying for solo travellers. Previously hefty single supplements have been somewhat of a deterrent to many single travellers – you have to pay the full price of the cabin making many voyages out of the budget. However, more and more cruise lines are offering no, or reduced, single supplements making cruising a lot more affordable for solos.

For example, Ponant have 90 voyages available over 2019/2020/2021 without a single supplement. The Caribbean, Seychelles, Bijagos Archipelago, Australia, … the choice is yours. This opens up the options no end for solos! River cruises in Europe also often offer a selection of departures where no supplement is charged and this is proving very popular for those travelling alone.

If you’re travelling alone – or two friends travelling together but wanting separate rooms – give us a call to discuss the options. We have some voyages listed on our packages page, but we can also access others. It’s just a matter of telling us where you would like to cruise, and we’ll provide the options!