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Talking About Tasmania

Talking About Tasmania

Sweeping bays, decadent wines, spine-tingling history … we’re talking about Tasmania!  If it has been on your list to visit, now is a great time to start planning to make it happen.  There’s so much to see, do and explore, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t visit sooner! 

As well as the well known spectacular sites such as Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park and the gorgeously rugged coastline, Tasmania is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting for intrepid explorers to discover.  If you like to get out and about enjoying nature, Tasmania is the place for you.

That doesn’t mean you have to be super fit – a slightly adventurous spirit (and reasonable mobility and health) is all that’s needed in order to see the best Tasmania has to offer.  It’s a hikers dream with spectacular walks and treks, taking you out along craggy clifftops, through beautiful bush and along spectacular peninsulas.  You’ll see pink granite peaks, azure bays, diverse rainforest and dramatic, sweeping views. 

If walking and hiking isn’t really your thing, there is still plenty to see.  Shorter, less strenuous walks will still allow you to see the beauty of the Tasmanian bush, the craggy coastlines and gorgeous National Parks.  As well as the natural beauty, there are historic sites, museums, architecture and more.

Of course, no trip to Tasmania is complete without a visit to the penal colony at Port Arthur.  Known for it’s hard labour and callous treatment of prisoners during the 1800s, the eerie Port Arthur ruins are sure to send shivers down your spine. 

A visit to Salamanca Market is another must and don’t forget to take a moment to relax and enjoy Tasmania’s superb food and wine!


Now, if you’re wondering about cruises in Tasmania, there are plenty of options.  For example, PONANT have a fantastic 8 day voyage from Sydney to Hobart in December 2022 – a great chance to combine some Christmas shopping in Sydney with a luxurious cruise arriving in Tasmania just before Christmas.


Alternatively, Australian-owned business, Coral Expeditions have several itineraries with ships taking just 72 guests on a down-to-earth, personal voyage with local Australian crew eager to show off some of their country’s best sights. 


The benefit of being on a smaller ship means that no two voyages are alike, meaning that the captain and expeditions team work together to take full advantage of favourable weather conditions.  You just don’t get this with other larger ships who have to adhere to a more stringent timetable. 


On-board, there’s an emphasis on the experience, on getting out and about and seeing the sights but also within your physical capabilities.  It’s not about casinos or glitzy restaurants, it’s about soaking up the sights and experience, talking with the on-board experts and enjoying the company of like-minded guests.  Shore excursions are included and tips are not expected.

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