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Your trip to Tahiti is just not complete without a visit to the gorgeous Moorea, just 17 kms north west of Tahiti. Pronounced Mo-oh-ray-ah you can be there in just 30 minutes.

During our stay at Te Moana Resort Tahiti it was just out of reach as we could see it from the Infinity pool and watch the sun setting behind it in the evenings. Not as well-known as Bora Bora, it is a small island (just 16km across) and a hidden gem with its lush and high volcanic peaks.

Think white sand, palm-fringed beaches, and tropical turquoise lagoons. Moorea has it all and our adventure on the Lagoon Tour and picnic on the motu was a highlight of our trip.

After breakfast we were picked up and transferred to the ferry terminal in the city. There is the choice of 2 ferry companies (Apetahi and Terevau) and offering the journey with 5 time slots in their schedules in each direction so there is plenty of choice.

The Apetahi Express was a clean, modern ferry, with comfortable seats and a great little cafeteria serving coffee, cold drinks and food. There are TV’s onboard which were even playing the Rugby World Cup games.

Once we arrived at Moorea pier we were greeted by Albert Tours and enjoyed an entertaining commentary about the history of the island and the amazing things to do on island. At this stage we realised a day is simply not enough.

Next stop was to board our comfortable covered boat for the day.  We cruised past Cook’s and Opunohu Bays while been entertained by our guide and crew singing while playing their ukeleles. We learnt again about the history and various points of history before our first stop on a shallow shoal to swim with the stringrays and black tipped sharks. This was definitely not as scary as it sounds and was an incredible experience. The steps were lowered so we could walk down into the water so it is accessible for everyone and if you are not so eager to be in the water just watching from the safety of the boat is just as wonderful with the opportunity to take some great photos from above.

Our guide had food for the stringrays who eagerly followed him around, we were also given the opportunity to feed them ourselves and have a cuddle where they wrapped around you for a kiss. We were all thinking about Steve Urwin at this stage but the barbs are removed from the stingrays so apparently we were safe……The black tips sharks ranged from about a metre to 1.5 metres long and were so majestic in the water able to turn at the last minute after gliding towards you. Just snorkelling (provided on tour)on the surface also provided an array of different species of fish to admire.